wheRe concrete
admixture starts

CHEMISTAR was founded in 2004 as a raw material company for concrete
admixture and has grown as a leading construction chemical company in global market.
Based on our experience and know-how, we will continue innovating solutions
to satisfy our partner in rapidly changing construction market.
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    You can check updated events about CHEMISTAR.
    • 2021-03-22
      The 55th Korea’s Taxpayer’s day - Awarded as the Good Taxpayer

      President Dong Byum Kim received a citation as the Good Taxpayer,


      by the head of the NTS (National Tax Service) Seoul Regional Office, 


      on the 55th Taxpayer’s Day in South Korea.

    • 2020-05-21
      Establishment of Chemistar America Inc.

      Chemistar established Chemistar America Inc. based in Houston, Texas, USA as of October 8, 2019.


      Chemistar America Inc. aims to enhance our service and strengthen our presence in American continents. 

    • 2016-02-12
      CHEMISTAR Website Renewal!

      CHEMISTAR Website has been renewed on Feb. 19.


      Please visit the website and find information you want.


      Thank you. 

    • 2015-01-05
      30 million Dollar Export Tower CHEMISTAR was awarded 30 million Dollar Export Tower at the 51th annual Trade day.


      Thank you very much and we will be trying to do our best as always.

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